The Fragile Army is the name given to the third Polyphonic Spree album, released on June 19, 2007. It was produced by John Congleton and The Speekers.

Recording Technique Edit

The band took a different method of recording, by splitting the band into rhythmic, choral and orchestral sections and recording them separately.

  1. January 23rd to February 10th 2006 - Tim, Julie, Mark, Annie, Evan, Ryan and Mike Garson recorded drums, bass, guitar and piano at Pachyderm Studios, Minnesota.
  2. February 26th to March 5th 2006 - Tim and the choir recorded the vocal parts at Electrical Studios, Chicago.
  3. March 7th 2006 - The orchestral instruments recorded in Dallas at maximedia and the triplex

Tracklist Edit

  1. Together We're Heavy (Fragile Army version)
  2. Running Away
  3. Get Up and Go
  4. The Fragile Army
  5. Younger Yesterday
  6. We Crawl
  7. Mental Cabaret
  8. Guaranteed Nightlite
  9. Light to Follow
  10. Watch Us Explode (Justify)
  11. Overblow Your Nest
  12. The Championship

Additional Tracks:

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