• In April, preparing to release the new album, the band released an 8 minute long mashup of the songs off the new album, as a preview that was free to download.
  • In Mid-may a demo version of the new album was leaked onto P2P networks.
  • The band began touring again in late May in the US to promote the release of their upcoming album, now performing in black army suits, rather than their traditional gowns and robes.
  • In June, The Fragile Army was released on the new Good Records label to positive reviews.
  • After rapping up their tour across America, they continued performing at other venues in Japan, Ireland, Scotland, and England, ending the tour in September.
  • In September the band released a Live Album from their recent performance in Austin, TX.
  • The band once again ended the year with the 7th Annual Holiday Extravaganza

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